Intimacy & collarbones.

SG but UK really. 20, standing at 5'7", a beauty obsessed air hostess.I like lilies, pilates, swimming, comfortable shoes and my clavicles.Trying to make my dream out of nothing.My twitter:!/shiaasdecollete

Aug 27

Aug 25

Anonymous said: Rank Destiny's Child from your favorite member to least favorite member


  1. Tinaimage
  2. Beyoncéimage
  3. Michelle image
  4. LaTavia
  5. Kelly Rowlandimage
  6. LeToyaimage
  7. Solangeimage
  8. Cousin Angieimage
  9. White Michelle Williamsimage
  10. Farrahimage




Can we please talk about this?

anndddd I was straight for a few minutes………..

Only for a few..😩

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